> Paris, New York, Provence

"En vrac" Some pictures in bulk taken during my peregrinations in New, Paris or Provence. Just to get the feeling of Paris in New York

Sunflowers in Nice
Angle in Paris
place of Cotignac
olive mill
la cigale
Breakfast platter in Paris
Cartier in Saint-Germain at Christmas
Christmas decorations on a cafe in Paris
Annick Goutal windows in Saint-Sulpice
Gerard Mulot Patisserie
Market at Grand Central
Grand Central
Chrysler building on the edge
Paris view from the roof
Magnificent view of Paris from the Ferry Wheel in the Tuileries
Maneges on the Champs de Mars
Riding a Kart under the Eiffel Tower
Central Park under the snow
Street in the West Side blocked by the snow
Central Park West under the snow
Market in Paris
Market in Paris
Market in Paris
Market in Paris
Market in Paris